Table Tents



Table Tents work for Marketing your business!

  • Custom Table Tent Printing are great for any restaurant or business who needs to display information on a table or count.
  • Table tents work not only as advertising materials but are also great for table decor and can be used for charity auctions, table numbers and a host of other creative centerpiece displays.
  • Table tents can serve as great product displays by placing them in locations with high foot traffic like a reception area of a doctor, dentist or other office. They can be used to showcase special products or special discounts. Using multiple table tents throughout your venue can increase exposure and offers excellent opportunities for repeat branding.
  • Highlight special products or menu changes for restaurants.
  • Table tents can also be used as desktop calendars and as giveaways for loyal customers.
  • Table tents can be a great asset or tool in a wedding venue for custom centerpieces or added decor.