What kinds of paper do you offer?

28# Bright White – this is a little bit thicker than the 20# copy paper you would buy at the store but just a little.
50# Glossy – this is thicker than the above paper but is glossy and not suitable for writing on.
80# Glossy or 80# Matte – thicker than standard paper but not as heavy as cardstock (not heavy enough for postcards)
110# Matte or 120# Glossy – this is the starting weight for cardstock
130# Matte or 130# Glossy – this is the heaviest weight we have for cardstock
130# Linen – this is cardstock with a linen texture.

What does full bleed mean?

A full bleed means that your image will print all the way to the edge of the page, without a white border.  This is achieved by printing your design on a slightly larger piece of paper and then cutting off the excess “bleed.”BleedInfoLG


What is your turnaround time?

Our Normal turnaround time is 2 Full Business Days.  Large order will have a longer turnaround time.  Please contact us if you would like an accurate quote on turnaround time for your specific order.

The daily cut-off time is 5pm.

  • If you place your order at 3:00 pm on Monday your order will be ready Wednesday at 3pm.
  • If you place your order at 5:30pm on Monday your order will be ready at 4:30pm on Thursday.



We accept 300dpi TIF, PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS and PDF. PDF is the preferred format.